Have you ever created memes with your NTF’s? Join the Sketchmo club and become one of the first NFT meme creators in the metaverse.


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Background Story

At the beginning of the internet era, the age of memes also began. One of the first memes to gain worldwide notoriety is “Spoderman” which we all know and is a big inspiration behind the Sktechmo project. Now that NFT’s and the metaverse are starting to have their big break, it’s time to recreate an old yet new age of memes. Sketchmo is one of the first NFT’s that has the potential to create a new utility by using NFT’s as memes and even become the owner of a large series of memes.
Sketchmo offers a wide range of personalities. Your favourite character as a anime or cartoon. There are also avatars from famous video games or superheroes and favorite sport. Even your favorite music artist is available as an NFT with which you can easily create memes about and show your NFT to the public. This will increase the demand for new buyers.



Building a Community
Giving away NFT's


Listing first 25 NFT's
Creating meme contests and giveaways


Listing next 25 NFT's
More meme contests and giveaways


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About me

I am a young student from Germany who is very familiar with the meme community. Before I got to know NFT’s I already started to create Sketchmo drawings without big intentions behind it. I posted them mostly on Instagram and Reddit for fun. But as I became more and more familiar with the topic of NFT’s I wanted to further develop my drawing and start an NFT project with the intention to revolutionize NFT’s by creating a new and invaluable utility. Anyone can now create memes with their NFT’s and you don’t have to be a talented programmer or computer expert. Just create funny memes, share with the world and let the demand increase by yourself.